Monday, 30 January 2012

Library Day in the Life

This week I will be taking part in the Library Day in the Life Project. I caught the tail end of it last year and vowed to take part this year, as much as I could anyway. I will endeavour to write a blog at the end of every day detailing the main crux of what I've been up to. I am also tweeting as I go using the hashtag #libday8.

This project involves people share what happens in their working life using Twitter, blogs, Tumblr and various other social networking tools for a week- this can help those who want to find out what happens in different sectors, from newbies to more long-serving professionals. It can also help to show those people who presume you stamp books all day what you actually do!

I'm taking part mainly because I agree with the ethos but also because I am always curious  about what people are up to and believe that if I'm going to rummage through their working week I should let others do the same to me.

So a bit about me so you can decide whether what I do would interest you or bore you to tears. I'm a qualified (graduated from UCL library with an MA in Library and Information Studies in 2008) librarian working in an HE/FE College. I am a Higher Education Resources Advisor in the Learning Reosurce Centre, which primarily entails ensuring the smooth running of the Higher Education Centre and looking after the needs of our 1800 HE students, which includes faculty liaison, teaching and researching assignments. Alongside this I spend a fair amount of time at different sites; answering enquiries, maintaining an environment conducive to studying and promoting our electronic resources. I'm also involved in answering staff Moodle questions and delivering staff training on this and various other topics.

This week will be slightly different to my usual as I will be attending a CILIP in London meeting this afternoon and a workshop on writing articles tomorrow, however, I hope the rest of the week gives an accurate reflection of what I usually get up to.

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