Monday, 30 January 2012

Library Day in the Life - Day 1

This blog post is part of Library Day in the Life.

My day is supposed to start at 6.30am, however, 5.30am saw me being woken by my two kittens scratching at the door...


My working day on the other hand starts at 8.45. I usually arrive at work around 8.20/25 ish to check my Google Reader and Twitter. Today was no different.

As I arrived I saw on my desk a 'what do you love about a resource' slip. In the LRC, as part of the National Love Libraries campaign, we have a 'talking wall' where students can fill out slips stating what their favourite or book is - the idea being to try and encourage their peers to try using them too. As staff we were all adding our own slips to get the ball rolling as no-one wants to be the first. I chose to promote Science Reference Centre as it is a really useful electronic resource for our Science Degree and Access to Science courses.

After filling this out, I checked and responded to my emails - there weren't a ridiculous amount as the Learning Resources Centre (LRC) is shut over the weekend. I then collated my feedback forms from Friday's Foundation Degree in Early Years eresource sessions. The students had found it useful, relevant and had written that they felt much more at ease now they could access College resources. I was very pleased about this as these groups of students often lack confidence in their abilities.

After laminating some posters for the February displays in the HE Centre and answering a couple of Moodle enquiries from teachers, I was then due to be on the enquiry desk in the main LRC (we have several sites). So for the next two hours I helped students mainly with their printing and finding things on the catalogue and shelves. This week we are monitoring all our enquiries in order to assess where our time is being used most and how we can respond more effectively to our students needs. It will be interesting to see the outcome.


Normally on a Monday afternoon I would spend the time on a desk at another site, fielding enquiries and generally looking after the Media and Fashion students. However, today sans lunch I sped off to CILIP Headquarters for a meeting between CILIP in London and the representatives of Special Interest Groups (I'm on the CoFHE LASEC Committee) to discuss how there can be more co-ordination between the groups. It seemed fairly positive as many of the people at the meeting seemed open to the idea of working more closely together so I have hopes for the future.

Tomorrow is another unusual day for me as I will be attending a training session in the morning at CILIP Headquarters focusing on writing articles, after which I'll be back at work.

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