Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cpd23 - Thing 5 - Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice:

So it's Thing 5 time already (although everyone else seems to be on Thing 7 already!).

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Generally, I don't think I'm too bad at reflecting on my work. In the last two years I have completed the Level 3 Diploma in Line Management for the Chartered Institute of Management, completed a Preparing to Teach (PTTLS) course and have embarked upon Chartership - these have all involved reflective writing to some degree.

My problem with reflective writing is that there isn't time to write everything up so I have to make a choice about which events are important enough to get the time.

Another problem I find myself having is rarely going back to my reflections. When I have done, I've realised that I had noticed an issue which could have been dealt with but then wasn't. I perhaps need to remind myself on occasion to look back over what I have written but how often and how far back? When does reflection become living in the past?

When I started my Chartership I made a conscious effort to write up absolutely everything I did - just in case it was needed as evidence. I think in future, as this is just not sustainable time wise, I may just write up events, training and projects I have been involved in. The good thing is that I have now got into the habit of writing up events, such as the Library and Information Knowledge Exchange (LIKE), that I can report back much more easily to my colleagues and pass on my notes to those that may benefit from them, even months later.

To keep me on track when I am reflecting on an event, I use the following process:
  • what happened?
  • what's my response to it?
  • what am I going to do with what I've learned?
If I'm feeling particularly brave I will also set a deadline.

I think reflective writing is very useful - it helps get the most out of every event, it really helps when writing up annual reports and most of all it helps when you get to the end of the year and wonder 'where did it all go so fast?!'


  1. OooOOoh what did you think of PTLLS and the line management course? I did PTLLS last year and really found it valuable. I'm enrolled on level 3 first line management this Sept - bit worried abt it actually as it seems so different to course I've done before.

  2. Don't be worried about it. The main thing is just to do the work as you go along and don't leave it till the last minute. It's a bit pointless otherwise as you can't track your development. I thought it was really useful, especially bits about delegation and I had a lovely teacher. It's also where I found about ants and elephants which were an epiphany! If your teacher doesn't cover this get back in touch!

    As a result of doing PTTLS, I now write (and tell the students) clearer objectives when delivering info lit sessions and when creating guides, create lesson plans for any training I do whether to staff or students and always get feedback. Both of them were definitley worth doing but for completely different reasons. If oyu have any more questions about them feel free to get in touch.