Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cpd23 - Thing 2 - Exploring blogs

Since starting Chartership, I have been investigating blogs and feeds and have mostly been reading things from CILIP and their Special Interest Groups. Occasionally, I happen across one recommended by someone on Twitter and this has generally been the best way of ensuring I read relevant posts.  However, I hadn't really explored properly what's out there - there seems to be so much it is daunting.

For the next Cpd3 task we have been set the task of looking at a few more blogs. So firstly I have been commenting and reading some of the Cpd23 participants' blogs. The list was getting huge so I have just focused on five for now which feature both further education (because I work in a college) and higher education (because I work mainly with HE students).

Managing a Learning Resources Department which pretty much says it all in the title really!

Behind the bookshelves

Much ado about blogging

Exploring the information world without a map

Alice in LibraryLand

Reading others thoughts, comments and about the type of work people do makes me realise not only that I should think before I type but that it actually really feels like a community. It is very interesting to read about the work which goes on in other sectors and how they got into it.

My next step is to find a way of organising them (the posts not the bloggers) and not getting too swamped with all that they have been up to, then I will try to find more blogs be people offering a service to Higher Education students in a Further Education environment - if anyone fits this bill please let me know.

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