Monday, 24 August 2015

The mummy returns...

A terribly dodgy title but it did give me a chuckle at stupid 'o' clock whilst trying to get the reason I've been away from work for 7 months off to sleep. So sod it - it stays!

I'd like to say I spent the first month of my maternity leave blissfully organising my baby's books and practising my downward dog. Instead, I spent it being tested weekly for obstetric cholestatis, which is quite scary and serious, as well as covering myself in calamine lotion whilst trying desperately not to rip my skin off (a side effect is intensely itchy feet - minus the urge to travel).

And so, after a crazy start to the year, I'm due back at work this week. Knowing I wasn't going to be away for very long, I didn't disengage completely from library world whilst away -  I read Update and kept up to date with up my favourite blogs via Feedly and Twitter etc, but even this proved tricky to do initially. I'll not lie  - it's been a very difficult and challenging six months. F was almost two weeks overdue and, when he finally decided to make an appearance, had to be treated for neonatal bacterial meningitis. Consequently, we spent twelve days in the hellish world of hell that is a labour ward while he had antibiotics. He then suffered  from severe reflux for five months which I wouldn't wish on anyone, not even one of those lecturers who ask you for a breakdown of your budget spending at five minutes to five on a Friday evening. Not even that person.

On my due date, with no sign of F!
Now things are more on even keel, I'm about to be back at work while my husband becomes a stay at home dad. I am going to find out how I can drive to and from work and deal with the usual manic-ness that is Term One with very little sleep and no happy hormones left. In addition, I'm going to try to express in between teaching and meetings *rolls on the floor laughing, but then can't get back up as had no time to do physio recovery exercises*. Seriously.

This is beginning to sound like quite a whingy post but it's meant to be quite hopeful. I have a beautiful little boy with the maddest, craziest hair. I finally have a permanent contract. I'm looking forward to lunch breaks and cups of tea like you wouldn't believe. I plan to re-validate my CILIP Chartership again. And I will, almost certainly, have some trials, tribulations and tales to blog about.

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