Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012: Reflections and the year ahead

It's that time of year again: time to reflect on the year gone by. Looking back at last year's post, I only managed to complete about 75% of my objectives, however, I don't feel too disappointed as my priorities changed over the year due to a job change and relocation.

CILIP Update article
One of my objectives was to get more out of my Special Libraries Association (SLA) membership so I attended a few more events and webinars. I then applied for the SLA Europe / SLA Leadership and Management sponsored Early Career Conference Award. Winning this opened up even more opportunities to become more involved in the way it works and consequently led to my now being on its Digital Communications Committee (DDC) and coordinating and jointly writing an article about it for the CILIP Update magazine. It is now time to apply for this year's award to San Diego so would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting more involved.

SLA Conference ribbons
The year didn't get off to a great start as there were several family issues, however, things perked up in April after hearing I had chartered and when I found out that not only had I won the SLA award and would be going to Chicago but on that same day was also told I had a new job! So in May I took on a maternity subject liaison librarian post at a University. It was a risk because of its temporary nature and because my husband isn't in work, however, I thought it was worth taking because of the deprofessionalisation, in my opinion, growing quickly around me. It would also give me the opportunity to find out/show what I am capable of. It has been a fantastic job to do and while quite exhausting and nerve-wracking at times I have learned lots and am constantly learning more all the time - something I really enjoy and value in a place of work.

I'm pleased to say I am halfway through a Spanish course and while I didn't complete a 10k, I did many a 5k parkrun in my new location - I had to relocate for the new job). As well as joining the DDC and being on the Academic & Research Libraries Group for London & South East, I also joined the London Information and Knowledge Exchange Committee (LIKE), helping to put together last year's conference on social media. Last year's decision to say no more often led to me volunteering to help with LIKE's next conference and to take part in the Library Leadership Reading Group. While this wasn't the intended consequence it does help me feel like I am contributing rather than just taking.

So for 2013, it's still early days. I'd like to stay involved and I hope that I stay motivated and committed enough to take up opportunities when they arise. The job element is quite frightening and who knows where that will take me. I'd also like to use my time outside of work more wisely to benefit other elements of my life so will be looking at ways I can do this - I'm hoping 2013 will be a calm, peaceful but enjoyable year.