Thursday, 2 February 2012

Library Day in the Life - Day 4

This blog post is part of Library Day in the Life

Okay today is a normal day with nothing untoward happening.
  • Arrive at work and check Google Reader, emails and make a notice on the LIKE LinkedIn page to say that I will be attending their next event.
  • Skim read email news from Times Higher Education
  • Checked Twitter - one tweet mentioned a Guardian Higher Education chat taking place on Friday focusing on the evolving role of Higher Education librarian. Made a note to catch up with  this after the event as I won't be able to take part at the time. I also passed this info onto a colleague who I thought might be interested.
Continued working my way through tape recordings of the recent student focus group and made notes for the writeup of it I am doing.

Roaming session started. In this I;
  • asked a rather noisy group to either focus on their studies or choose a more appropriate environment
  • asked a student to take her mobile outside as she was distracting the student next to her
  • sold a biro
  • asked the previous noisy group to make there decision quickly as they were disturbing others
  • booked people onto the pairwork PCs
  • helped at least 3 people with the self-issue machine
  • tracked down a stapler
  • unsuspend a student as they had paid their fines and brought back their very overdue books
  • helped several people print their work
  • took a phone call from a student who needed to renew her books a screaming baby was making itself heard too!
On the enquiry desk where there were not too many enquiries so I created a map of the PCs in the Higher Education Centre so people could find the ones they wanted more easily. They have the choice of group work laptops or individual/pair work computers.

Half an hour at my desk so tried to continue a little more with the focus group material.

Lunchtime - grab a quick sandwich, read a chapter from South from Granada by Gerald Brenan (to prepare me for moving to the Alpajarras!) Favourited some HEinFE tweets to catch up with later and looked at the ECCA Conference application details as I'm considering applying for a bursary.

Roaming again.

2.15 - 4pm In Senior team meeting. Reported back on my Writing for Publication course I attended on Tuesday morning. We have new web safety books in so I am going to go through them and see if I can add anything else to my Xertes on Moodle, our virtual learning environment. I need to put some resources into our Access to HE Moodle courses as a follow up to some inductions delivered recently. I also need to get preparations underway for the annual Learning Resource Centre survey.  This all needs to be done for next week.

4pm - 5pm

Back in the Higher Education Centre for the last hour. Start by tidying it up and then asking a very noisy girl to lower her voice as she was distracting others around her - her friends offered to help her with this. I then added the jobs I need to do from the meeting to my Outlook to-do list so I don't forget anything, checked the range of students we had during the day and then closed up.

Tomorrow I am in 6(!) hours of Matrix training - nothing to do with the film! In the other two hours I will be in the HE Centre and trying to frantically catch up with all the jobs I couldn't do becuase I was roaming.

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